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IBank 4 on OS X Lion

IBank 4 OS X Lion ReviewsMAC users upgrading to the new OS X Lion were suprised to find they could no longer access their financial data stored in Quicken. While Quicken has been a financial software powerhouse the Intuit team has not supported the MAC community and many are deciding now is time to make a switch.

IBank 4, made specifically for MAC users, performs well on OS X Lion and recent updates have worked out the few initial bugs. With IGG Software being MAC centered, future OS updates should be  handled just as easy.

Another plus is the nearly flawless import from Quicken, making the transition painless.

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Accounts in iBank 4

iBank 4 makes setting up accounts and beginning to enter data or download data from your financial institution quick and easy. Accounts in iBank 4 mirror your real-life bank accounts and you can quickly see your account overviews on the “source list” located on the left side of the main window. Accounts are displayed in account groups and show their current balance and default currency.

After selecting an account from the source list a set of view options will be displayed allowing you to select “Account Register”, “Cover Flow”, or “Statement” views.

- Select the Account Register view to check the accounts balance and to record transactions.

- The Cover Flow view will display transactions in the account in a graphical style similar to your iPod or iPad.

- Use Statement view when reconciling transactions with statements from your financial institution.

Setting Up Accounts in iBank 4
Get started in iBank 4 by setting up seperate accounts for your checking, savings, credit cards, 401k and other financial accounts. Select “Add Account” from the toolbar, enter a name for the new account and choose an account type as well as a primary currency.

When entering a line of credit such as a credit card, iBank 4 will prompt you to enter the interest rate to be used in reporting and all calculations regarding that account.

Next you will select a financial institution from a list where the account is located.

Select your financial institution from the list and note which type of download method your institution uses. If your institution offers Direct download you will simply enter a username and password and with one click all transactions will be downloaded. Institutions using a Web download method are slightly more complicated to setup but are made simple by iBank 4′s integrated browser.

After connecting to your financial institution and selecting the associated account you setup previously iBank 4 will display downloaded transactions and prompt you to select categories for each transaction. iBank 4 will learn from your entries and attempt to apply categories in the future based on your selections.

While there are many advanced options for accounts, transactions and categories in iBank 4, creating accounts and importing data from your financial institution will get you started in the right direction.

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What are iBank 4 owners saying about the new financial management software for the Mac?

I was reading though the MacUpdate reviews and couldn’t believe that several people gave this product a negative rating. Version 4 has absolutely everything I need, a huge improvement over 3.5. It even runs on PowerPC…
Excellent updated version of IBank3 program. Many new and improved features. Try it – you may like it a lot!!!
I can easily add a recurring bill by simply right-clicking on it in my bank register and selecting “Make scheduled transaction from selection”. It adds it to the running list in sequential order and future bills can be scheduled (I pay them online via my credit union’s website) by a single click to “post” to the register.
There are a couple of features in IBank 4 that make me nearly weep with relief after my struggles with Quicken 2007. Firstly, you can CUT AND PASTE TRANSACTIONS!!!!

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Save on iBank 4

For a limited time only Amazon is offering 19% off iBank 4!

Take advantage of this special offer now to try out iBank 4 for yourself. Own the financial software package that is finally making Mac users switch from Quicken. When comparing Quicken and iBank 4, 90% of Amazon buyers buy iBank 4!

iBank 4 vs. Quicken Reviews

For years the only real financial management option for Mac users were slimmed down and under-supported versions of Quicken or to keep a Windows machine around. Finally a true competitor has arrived in iBank 4, but is it really up to the challenge?

The knock on past versions of iBank has always been a few missing features making it still second rate to Quicken. From simple things like bill paying to tracking investments and very limited reporting options, iBank 4 has just not given Mac users a reason to make the switch. Enter iBank 4, the new release from IGG Software, and finally a serious attempt at providing Mac users a fully functioning and fully supported financial software package. With iBank 4 containing many of the previous missing features in prior versions it is finally ready to stand up to the Quicken champion, but how do they really stack up?

Simple interface improvements such as being able to cut and paste transactions, a quick and easy search function that does not seem to lock up your computer and being able to select multiple transactions make it easier to find what you are looking for and move around the pieces of your finances with iBank 4. The flexibility of iBank 4 categories, easier to follow transactions and a general overall clean and easy user experience make it an extremely solid option for Mac users.

Quicken has been on top for a long time and you don’t get there by being a bad product. Quicken still has many advantages over iBank 4 including much smoother data downloads from most financial institutions, more comprehensive reporting and a more in-depth reporting feature.

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While either software package is a good choice, iBank 4 has a few items that put it over the top. Minor iBank 4 upgrades are frequent and free, and existing users receive a sizeable discount on major upgrades. IGG Software’s overall support and Mac user community is a very welcome resource and really contrasts with Quicken’s past lack of Mac support.

If you’ve been looking to make a switch from Quicken, it appears now may be the time.

iBank 4: Finally Financial Management Software for the Mac?

Mac users have had to struggle with second rate financial management software or juggle multiple operating systems in order to use the industry standard Quicken package. iBank has been on the market for several years but with the new release of iBank 4, Mac users may finally have a solid alternative.

iBank 4 users will immediately feel at home with it’s fluid interface. Often new financial software packages may have the features, but they are so loaded down in a boggling interface that it creates a very negative user experience. With iBank 4 new users will easily be able to navigate through accounts, categories, reports and more with everything being displayed just how you would expect it to be.

Finding the one specific piece of data you are looking for is a breeze with iBank 4′s extensive search functions. Search by payee, category or any other keyword in the account and see all transactions across accounts.

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Adding recurring billing is easy by simply right-clicking on it in the bank register and selecting “Make Scheduled Transaction From Selection”. You can schedule future bills and pay with a single click after setting up online billing. With the checkbook registrar it’s easy to see how these recurring bills effect your future overall budget.

The in-depth and fully customizable reporting features of iBank 4 really make it standout when compared to other finance software packages for the Mac. Design a report based on one payee, category or account and easily see the overview of your finances or the down and dirty details.

Now what good is keeping all of your finances in one place and going to all the work of entering and integrating this data if you lose it next year? iBank 4 easily backs-up your transactions in several formats and can back-up your data to other devices such as an external hard-drive or to a internet cloud based back-up system.

All in all iBank 4 is a large improvement over other finance management software packages for the Mac and is poised to give Quicken a run for it’s money.

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iBank 4: What financial management options are included?

Here is a quick review of the options included in the new iBank 4 software for the Mac.


iBank 4 includes seperate account types such as Checking, Savings, Cash, 401k and more. You can easily track interest vs. principal, variable interest rates and payment schedules while keeping your finances clutter-free by hiding unused accounts or filing accounts into an account group.

Easily view account details including minimum balance, account numbers, notes and new smart accounts allow you to dynamically view transactions.


iBank 4 features a streamlined input editor with iSight integration for visual purchase records. Divide transactions into multiple categories for more accurate record-keeping and use saved transaction templates to make entry that much faster.

Improved features include scheduled transactions to setup recurring expenses and iBank account reconciliation with a familiar statement-like interface. iBank 4 also integrates with iCal for easy reminders and includes fully configurable check printing templates. 


Includes fully customizable categories with multiple category hierarchies. Tax codes can be assigned to different categories for easy reference and iBank 4 includes a full list of US tax codes.


iBank 4 import features are much improved from previous versions. Direct download from your online financial institution updates transactions automatically and securely. Options for quick importing from Quicken, MS Money and other financial management programs make switching a breeze.

Multiple currencies

While by default your currency is indicated by your Mac system preferences, with iBank 4 you are able to quickly create accounts in any currency and apply conversions. Exchange rates are easily updated online and iBank 4 seamlessly converts currencies when switching between accounts. 


iBank 4 offers a wide array of investment options including investment types, quote downloading and customizable watchlist items and indices for quick reference. Improved features include easy security management for viewing current market value and price history, in-depth investment reports, and expert trading options including short and long puts and calls.

Analysis tools

iBank 4 leaps ahead of the competition with it’s powerful analysis tools including dynamic reporting and new envelope-style budgeting that allows you to set income and expense goals, save money in envelopes for regular expenses and carry over savings.

The easy to use summary panels will quickly give you an overview of your total assets, liabilities and net worth along with scheduled upcoming transactions.

File management

Easily backup and transfer your iBank 4 account data and create multiple data files for seperate users. At the end of each iBank 4 session your data is automatically backed up to any specified local location including network folders or other backup devices.

Welcome to my iBank 4 Reviews

This blog will be a review of the iBank 4 program for the Mac by IGG software.