iBank 4 vs. Quicken Reviews

For years the only real financial management option for Mac users were slimmed down and under-supported versions of Quicken or to keep a Windows machine around. Finally a true competitor has arrived in iBank 4, but is it really up to the challenge?

The knock on past versions of iBank has always been a few missing features making it still second rate to Quicken. From simple things like bill paying to tracking investments and very limited reporting options, iBank 4 has just not given Mac users a reason to make the switch. Enter iBank 4, the new release from IGG Software, and finally a serious attempt at providing Mac users a fully functioning and fully supported financial software package. With iBank 4 containing many of the previous missing features in prior versions it is finally ready to stand up to the Quicken champion, but how do they really stack up?

Simple interface improvements such as being able to cut and paste transactions, a quick and easy search function that does not seem to lock up your computer and being able to select multiple transactions make it easier to find what you are looking for and move around the pieces of your finances with iBank 4. The flexibility of iBank 4 categories, easier to follow transactions and a general overall clean and easy user experience make it an extremely solid option for Mac users.

Quicken has been on top for a long time and you don’t get there by being a bad product. Quicken still has many advantages over iBank 4 including much smoother data downloads from most financial institutions, more comprehensive reporting and a more in-depth reporting feature.

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While either software package is a good choice, iBank 4 has a few items that put it over the top. Minor iBank 4 upgrades are frequent and free, and existing users receive a sizeable discount on major upgrades. IGG Software’s overall support and Mac user community is a very welcome resource and really contrasts with Quicken’s past lack of Mac support.

If you’ve been looking to make a switch from Quicken, it appears now may be the time.

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